TRI LEANG AIRCON is solely specialized in providing quality air conditioning solutions to clients covering all aspects of the industry including design, supply, installation, ongoing and preventive maintenance or timely service, and repairs. Our affordable services include customized design, installation, maintenance and service for our clients in numerous sectors.  At TRI LEANG AIRCON, we offer air conditioning services for all kinds of air conditioning systems and applications, including residential homes, industrial and manufacturing plants, commercial offices and buildings, shopping centers, bars, clubs, restaurants, condominium and apartment complexes.
As your preferred Air Conditioning specialist, TRI LEANG AIRCON provides on time, reliable and good services for all your sales, service and repair needs. This involves providing prompt, professional, and affordable air conditioning for your home or business to ensure living or working conditions are to your requirements. It is our commitment to ensure that the air-conditioning parts are always available.


If you think that there’s any faulty is your air conditioner, give us a call ! Our technical consultants will assist you. You can also have us checked up your air con if needed by our cool line: 023 427 272.


1.One-Stop Air Conditioining Provider

2.Professionally trained technician

3.Modern technology

4.Have all the needed equipments

5.Using only high quality accessories for the process

6.Fast operation

7.Technician Appearance

8.Customer satisfaction guarantee

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